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In this month’s free video lesson is an oldie but goodie. It explains what an augment chord is, how you play them and where you might use them.

My Learn2Jam course will teach you many similar important guitar soloing techniques.  You can learn more about it below. After 10 years, it remains unique, there is STILL nothing like it available anywhere.  Check it out today!

Learn2Jam Reintroduction – Save $90 Bucks

After more than a year of work, my Learn2Jam Guitar Soloing System is NOW available on a thumb drive.  The original course was packed on 7 DVDs, 1 CD, and a written and bound workbook, however the cost for shipping had increased so dramatically over the past few years that we were charging almost $30 for shipping.  For many people this was a big turn off, and I can certainly understand why.   Now, everything is included on a 16GB USB drive.   So, not only is there no shipping cost but, you’ll also be getting a 16MB USB storage device FREE that would cost you at least $10 if you were to buy it at your local office supply store. 

In addition, we are offering a big, big discount on the course as we re-introduce it to you.  Learn2Jam is normally priced at $147.  But for a limited time, you can grab it for $59.95.  That’s a 60% discount and a savings of $90 bucks.  Learn2Jam has never been sold at this price and, likely, never will again.  And, on top of all of this, we are offering a FREE bonus valued at $99.  This surprise bonus is not on the site; you’ll only see it as you go through the ordering process.

If you are unfamiliar with Learn2Jam, let me briefly describe it to you.   Learn2Jam is a unique guitar soling system.  It teaches you fundamental guitar playing skills that, once acquired enable you to take a solo to any song.  It is a system I developed over my 40+ years of playing the guitar, and it is a system I use every time I take the stage to play.

Learn2Jam is a unique course; there is nothing similar to it anywhere.  There are many good guitar sites on the internet that teach you to play a song, or a skill,  or a riff, but there is nothing like this where you’ll learn a system, that you can put to use, to allow  you to take a solo to any song.  Learn2Jam comes with a 60 day, 100% refund policy.  That gives you 60 days to try the course – and see for how  valuable it can be for you in learning to play guitar solos.

I filmed this video a couple of years back, but it is a good introduction to some of what you will be getting in the course:

To learn more about Learn2Jam go to our website at  The direct link to the order page, offering the $90 limited time savings is here:

Keep on Pickin’

Tony Aja
Creator, Learn2Jam Guitar Soloing System

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