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Welcome To Tony’s Guitar Leads Newsletter – February 16, 2016

Guitar Soloing Tip Video Lesson – Using Polyrhythms

This video is about incorporating “polyrhythms” in your solos. Using polyrhythms can open up a whole new musical world for you and the people you play with. Adding polyrhythms in your solos will also give you the upper hand at a jam session. Most people don’t use them and they are really cool! Try this idea out for a few weeks and you will transform your playing!

Don’t forget to check out my Learn2Jam guitar soloing course.  Get up to speed with soloing quicker than you every thought possible.

A Tool for your Guitar Tool Box

Our friend, guitarist and recording artist Will Landrum has just posted a new video where he shows you how to play lead guitar along with the chords of your own choosing… WITHOUT KNOWING MUSIC THEORY.


  • Plug In Your Own Chord Progression And Instantly Know What Scale / Mode / Key To Use For Lead Guitar.
  • No More Guessing What Chords Work With Other Chords.
  • No More Guessing What Lead Guitar Scale / Mode To Use With The Chords You’ve Selected.
  • Discover New And Melodic Chord Progressions IMMEDIATELY.
  • Comprehensive Library Of 1,512 Chord Diagrams (Just in case you’re not sure how to play a certain chord)
  • Comprehensive Library Of Scale / Mode Pattern Diagrams (Just in case you need to play lead in a certain mode in any position)

Here’s the link to the video:

Reducing Vocals and Isolating the Guitar

I am on the Song Surgeon newsletter list, and received very valuable video in the most recent edition that I wanted to pass onto you.  This video shows you how you can use a vocal reduction feature, in combination with a 31 band EQ to do a very good job of reducing vocals and isolating the guitar.  If you are trying to learn the guitar part of a song, it can be difficult to hear the guitar part within the mix.  Here is a practical way to solve that problem:

The free app below is part of the same family of Song Surgeon products that a friend of mine owns.  If you are interested in learning more, you can go to

Free Audio Slow Downer Mobile App

My friend, James Todd, over at Song Surgeon has released a mobile app version of his widely acclaimed software.  This product is called Song Surgeon Trainer, and it runs on both Android and iOS mobile devices (phones and tablets).  This app has basic key, tempo, and looping features.  It does not have the more advanced features of found in the desktop version of Song Surgeon. However, it is a useful little app to have – and you can’t beat the price.

Use the link below to grab either the iOS or Android version of the Song Surgeon Trainer app.

If you do download and install the product, please consider going to the Apple or Google Play store and leave a rating or a review for this product. It’s a small thing we can do for him.  Thank you.

Software For Musicians – Face Book Group

A few months back we started a new group on Face Book called Software For Musicians. The objective of this group is to identify useful software used by musicians and give away free copies through a monthly drawing.   Sometimes the drawing are only for a single copy and at other times multiple copies are made available. There are also times when everyone gets a free copy of the Product of the Month.   If this sounds like something you are interested in, you can sign up for this Facebook group here:

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