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Welcome to the July 2015 Learn2Jam Newsletter

Tony Aja here from Learn2Jam.  Since it is summer and most everyone is outside, this is going to be a short newsletter.  It has only two items… but both of these are FREE and well worth your time.

Guitar Soloing Tip

The free video tip will help you learn to play a soloing on the spot, whenever you are called upon. It’s a neat little tip that relies upon soloing from a Barre position.

Interested in learning more soloing tips?? Check out my Learn2Jam Guitar Soloing System at:

A Free Tool of the Trade for Guitarists

If you don’t have a audio slowdowner you should.  It’s one of those required tools of the trade that helps you better hear how and song is being played, thus enabling you to play along and learn new material quicker and easier.  

Song Surgeon Trainer is a FREE Android app that you can install on your phone or tablet and it will allow you to change the tempo and key.  It is a basic app, and doesn’t do all of the fancy stuff that other apps might do.  But it is a good place to start and the price is right!

Here is a link to the app on the Google Play Store.

I am told that a Apple version is under development and should be available by the end of August – so if you are an iPhone or iPad user you’ll have to wait a bit longer – but I will let you know when it is available for iOS.

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