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TODAY’S TOPIC – Harmonizing Your Lead Guitar

My guest guitar instructor Will Landrum is back again this week with some really great interactive guitar lessons for you on harmonizing your lead guitar notes. These lessons should keep you busy learning and playing for days!

In this first video, he talks about the different kinds of harmony in music. Here’s the video:

Now, on THIS web page there are 6 videos along with tablature and fretboard diagrams. Will calls these “Jam Track Videos” where you can jam along with Will and harmonize lead guitar licks… totally cool!  Here’s the link:

SlideTrax – New Product for Guitarists and Musicians

As a guitarist, it is likely you have songs or music on your machine that you’d like to upload to YouTube and share with others.

Unfortunately for music lovers and musicians, YouTube and other video sharing sites don’t accept audio files.

Before audio or music files can be uploaded to YouTube, you must first make a video that incorporates the audio file. There are many software programs available for creating videos, some are quite sophisticated, expensive, and difficult to learn. Others are less expensive and simpler, but still require a modest learning curve.

SlideTrax is an inexpensive software program that effortlessly allows you to create a video from your audio files. It is super simple and completely circumvents any learning curve. All you need to be able to do is Drag and Drop an audio file, image (picture) file, and add optional text – and then click the Create button. SlideTrax will make a video file (we call this a SlideTrak) that can be uploaded to YouTube and many other video sharing websites.

Initially SlideTrax will be a Windows only product. After we launch we’ll make a decision about investing additional resources to develop a Mac or iOS version.

If SlideTrax is of interest to you, and you’d like to be placed on the Notification list to be informed of its availability, please send a blank email to:


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