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TODAY’S TOPIC – Using Geometry to become a better guitar player

A couple of years ago I assembled this video on how to use the concept of geometric patterns to help you become a better soloist.  It’s a perennial favorite. With my gig schedule full its a quick and easy way for me to get you a thought provoking guitar lesson.   Here it is:

To learn more about my Learn2Jam Guitar Soloing System, please go to the web site for that product.

Customized Guitar Speed Training

My buddy Jim Todd, who runs Song Surgeon has recently released a new version of his popular software.  His new version 4 (windows only right now) has something in it called “Speed Trainer” that I found very interesting and useful. 

Speed trainer is a function that allows you to set a beginning and ending tempo for a song (or a segment like a solo) and a percentage change.   Once you start it playing it will loop continuously and every time it loops (repeats) it will increase the speed by the percentage change you set until you reach the ending tempo.  

For example, you might create a loop for a guitar riff you really want to learn and set beginning and ending at 50 and 100% with a 10% change.  The program will the looped area at 50%, then 55, then 60, then 65%, etc., gradually increasing the speed until it hits 100%.  The following video illustrates how it works.

I have used this software for years and heartily recommend it. To learn more about Song Surgeon:

GuitarRx Smart Phone and Tablet App

We recently uploaded a new lesson for our GuitarRx phone and tablet app.  This was a 17 part lesson of the classic rock song, Reelin in the Years, by Steely Dan.  

If you don’t have our GuitarRx app, it is free and you can download using the link below.  You get 10 basic guitar practice lessons free.  We then have a growing selection of riffs and lessons which you can purchase that range from about  $1.29 to $4

We recently uploaded a new version of the GuitarRx for Android to fix a problem that some people were having.  In addition we are finishing up some changes on the app for both Android and IOS that will allow user to better organize their lessons by creating folders in which to store their lessons.  We will keep you posted but should have this new version available by the end of the month.

Tony Aja

Learn2Jam Guitar Soloing System

  p.s. We received this email from a satisfied customer earlier this year.

I think your Guitar Course is great.  I sent the copy I bought to my son stationed in the military in Europe. I also play the guitar. However, I’m in my sixties and don’t play as much anymore.  I like the process of slowing down the songs.  The hardest part is timing.  I’m sure that comes with practice.  The tabs are relatively easy.  I did not get to review all the video’s in the course.  If the course demonstrates the timing in each type of tab, that would be great. The other problem I have is speed. Once again, I’m sure that comes with practice. I may order another course for me in the near future.




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