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This week – 2 MORE Great Guitar Solo Lessons

Will Landrum is back again this week as my guest guitar instructor with two more fun guitar riff videos for you to help improve your technique and timing. Along with tablature and sheet music, Will’s demonstrates these riffs at normal and slow speeds… and then gives you some helpful tips.

Riff #3 is “Godzilla” which is perfect for playing 2 string power chords.

Riff #4 is “Sunshine Of Your Love” which uses lead guitar notes and chord voicings.

If you missed last week’s riffs, you can still learn from them here: 

Riff #1 is “Houses Of The Holy” which has a little tricky rhythm part.

Riff #2 is “Limelight” which is a heavy E Major riff that helps with string isolation.

Have fun with these NEW guitar lessons!

Guitar App Lesson – Reelin in the Years

We have complete a lesson on the Steely Dan song, Reelin In The Years.  It has been uploaded to the Google and Apple Stores and we are waiting approval which should happen momentarily.  When it does we’ll send a short text message to all GuitarRx app users and let them know this new lesson is available.  

If you don’t have our app installed you might want to consider doing that. If you have an Android or iOS based phone or tablet, I encourage you to check out this app.   There is a nice video illustration of the app at our website:

The app is free, so if you’d like to install it and give it a try, I have provided the direct download links below:

GuitarRx for Android

GuitarRx for iPhone

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