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This week – 2 Great Guitar Solo Lessons

This week, I want to send you off with a BIG 2-For-1 guitar lesson by my friend Will Landrum.

In lesson 4 of this 5 part series, Will shows you how to play a HOT and often mis-played riff by Ritchie Blackmore called “Burn”. After seeing Will’s video, I realized that I’ve actually seen famous well known guitarists play this riff wrong. Will sets you straight on this one.

Here is the video with tablature:

 Also in lesson 5 of 5, Will shows you how to play the classic riff from the Beatles “Day Tripper”.

Here is the video with tablature:

 If you missed the previous riffs that Will has been teaching you can still see them here for a limited time:

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Our GuitarRx app has been out just over two months and has been downloaded almost 5000 times. It has been about a 2 1/2 month since we launched the GuitarRx App for smartphones.  If you have an Android or iOS based phone or tablet, I encourage you to check out this app.   There is a nice video illustration of the app at our website:

The app is free, so if you’d like to install it and give it a try, I have provided the direct download links below:



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